Top 5: Iconic Boots

14 05 2010

Adidas Copa Mundial

A timeless classic. Has hardly changed since its launch at the 1982 World Cup. The similarly iconic World Cup is a variation of the Copa Mundial and is equally worthy of mention. The beauty is in the simplicity of the design, in stark contrast to most modern boots. They will always appeal to some and added to their incredible comfort, the Copa Mundial is here to stay.   



Puma King

Launched in 1968 and like the Adidas model above, instantly recognisable. Has seen slight alterations over the years, but the original model has always been available. The fact they were worn by Pele, Maradona and Eusebio, in the days before very lucrative boot sponsorship deals, speaks volumes.



Adidas Predator

The greatest trick Craig Johnson ever pulled, was convincing everyone that pieces of rubber helped you swerve the ball. Having owned a pair of predators myself, I’m absolutely convinced they make no difference whatsoever, but it’s very possible I’m in the wrong. Hyped like no other football boot in history. The topic of hundreds of articles and even television documentaries. Although it was lauded as the biggest breakthrough in boot technology since the screw in stud, it was a success of marketing and endorsement more than anything else. Still, it continues to go from strength to strength and is still the choice for a lot of the best players in the world, so they must be doing something right.



Valsport Green Star

A very, very personal choice this one, they were never massively popular outside Italy. Had its golden age during the first few years of Gazetta Football Italia and seemed impossibly exotic to me at the time, evoking memories of James Richardson perusing Italian papers, whilst eating ice cream in the sun, a wonderful image I’m sure you will all agree. I was pleasantly surprised to find them in a Wolverhampton sports shop, but failed to convince the parents the lofty price tag was a good investment for a growing boy who never cleaned his boots.



Nike Mercurial R9

Given Nike’s current dominance in the football market, it is bizarre to think that that they only began making football boots in the late 90s. The Mercurial was the lightest boot ever made and will forever be synonymous with Ronaldo and the 1998 World Cup. It was the first mass marketed coloured boot, and for that reason alone, even if you are a traditionalist, deserves iconic status. They have quickly become a prized collector’s item; a quick look at some of the prices they are going for on ebay tells you all you need to know.




One response

26 10 2011

i had nike boots in 1990 with a bright orange tick n some with a green tick n red outline,theyve been makin boots for years

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