Top 5: Iconic Footballs

14 05 2010

Adidas Telstar

A game changer. The pentagonal-hexagonal panel design was revolutionary and has very much stood the test of time. Alternating black and white panels made it more visible on black and white television. Official ball of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico and 1974 in West Germany. If you were asked to draw a football, you would automatically draw something that looked like the Telstar.   

Adidas Tango

Probably the most iconic ball ever designed. Debuted at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, with the principle design lasting right up till Korea / Japan 2002, none better than the original version. Was also the one ball everyone wanted for their Subbuteo set, which certainly adds to the nostalgia for certain generations. Good news is that you can still buy them, both the replica and the FIFA approved version, which over 30 years later, is still a very good football.

The Indoor Ball

Looked like a giant tennis ball, and played like one as well. A truly dreadful ball, almost turning indoor football into a different sport. Impossible to strike well and difficult to control. No redeeming features, even the colour quickly turned a dirty yellow as the fluff wore off. Totally ruined the enjoyment of indoor football.

The Mitre Mouldmaster

Undoubtedly durable, but ultimately another hideous creation from Mitre. Like playing football with a cheap, hard netball. Probably responsible for more crying school children than anything else. They still make them incredibly.

The Mitre Pro Max

The ball to have in my youth, but prohibitively expensive. Nothing quite beat the excitement of turning up at an away game and finding out you were playing with a Pro-Max. It was the first official match ball of the Premier League in 1993, previously clubs had to provide their own match balls, usually provided by their kit manufacturers.




8 responses

26 05 2010

What about the Adidas Azteca?

26 05 2010

Nice ball. But, like the Etrusco, Questra and Tricolore, just a poor man’s Tango in my opinion.

26 05 2010

Tango should be there – no doubts – but the Mouldmaster is stinking the list out IGHO. On the subject of balls that make school kids cry (no jokes please), what was the Mitre ball that was like a Pro Max but without the soft casing round it. It was always pumped up a bit too hard and made a smacking noise on the thighs – pretty sure it wasn’t the Mouldmaster.

26 05 2010

Tactic? I certainly know the one you mean

4 06 2010

What, no Mitre Multiplex? I’m with you on the thrill of the Pro Max though.

4 06 2010
25 09 2010
Pete Rodwell

Has anyone heard of a Wembley Trophy football (1970’s I think). I need to find one at short notice for a film that I am working on. Any help much appreciated. Thnaks Pete

31 12 2010

The Mitre delta premierleague football was the one!

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