Ramón Quiroga – Peru vs Poland – 1978

26 05 2010
As England fans, most of us have grown up on a diet of very straight laced goalkeepers. Whilst Jens Lehmann is urinating behind goals and throwing opposition forwards boots onto the roof of the net, we’ve had David Seaman’s pony tail, David James playing computer games a little bit too much and Rob Green hilariously having England’s Number 6 stitched into his gloves. 

Any excuse for a Jens Lehmann video…

It is fair to say that no one does crazy goalkeepers quite like the South Americans. Rene Higuita, Jose Luis Chilavert and Jorge Campos easily roll off the tongue. One man often gets forgotten though, Ramón Quiroga may not have had the longevity of madness as the others, but his performance for Peru against Poland at the 1978 World Cup deserves to be celebrated. Kindly, the short video below begins with a very good save, luckily for us it also includes a few other things. I don’t know what I prefer, the Boris Johnson-esque rugby tackle, his amusing reaction to the referees card, or the cackling commentator in the background…




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