Stjarnan – Internet Sensation

10 08 2010

Stjarnan FC is an Icelandic football team founded in 1960. They play at Stjornuvollur, a ground with a capacity of just 1,000, and have never won the Icelandic league title. In short, there is very little about Stjarnan that would indicate the club’s on field activities could ever be the subject of international discussion. Until that is, some of their players hit upon the idea of injecting a little fun into their goal celebrations…

The world sat up and took notice when striker Halldor Orri Bjornsson hit the winner against Fylkir last month and his post-goal celebration was caught on camera, blazing a trail across the world wide web. Johann Laxdal is the man doing an uncanny and frankly unnervingly accurate representation of a fish:

Laxdal is now the subject of a fan page on Facebook and is presumably being contacted by unscrupulous agents working out how best to cash in on this new found fame as we speak. For now though, the Stjarnan boys are content to spend their time building up their repertoire of new moves – there has been a ballroom dancing celebration, a marching parade and a Rambo style shooting spree but thus far this, the Human Bicycle, is probably the best of the rest: 

Everyone now has a new favourite Icelandic team, and who’d have thought they’d be saying that a month ago.




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