Top 5: Headers

19 08 2010

In the wake of Chicharito’s sensational *ahem* header in the Community Shield, Ghostgoal takes a look at our Top 5 headed goals …


Javier Hernandez

The Mexican clearly wanted to put on a show at Wembley and did so in fine style. Not satisfied with simply tapping into the empty net, Chicharito blasted the ball into his head as he dived forwards all in one motion. Bravo, sir. 



Martin Palermo

The daddy of headed goals.. a 40 yard behemoth from everyone’s favourite Argentinian bruiser Martin Palermo. Just think of the neck muscles required to pull off this feat.. All Hail Saint Palermo.



Henrik Larsson

Euro 2004 was one of those rare tournaments where a headed goal was one of the most celebrated. Larsson’s gymnastic dive was sublime and almost poetic – head intercepting ball in a moment of sheer perfection.



Graziano Mannari

Not a name that springs to mind when thinking of Sacchi’s great Milan side of the late 80s but Mannari was the man who had the pleasure of finishing off this move from one of club football’s greatest ever sides. You know that Goal of the Month candidate that is all about the move rather than the strike.. the one where you like to look clever in front of your friend/dad/son/wife/dog by claiming it was your favourite.. yeah, this is it.



Jared Borgetti

A deft goal of real class and beauty against one of the finest goalkeepers of all-time. This is a classic.




5 responses

20 08 2010
The Seventy Two

Can’t remember who it was against, but Lee Chapman’s 18-yard header circa 1991/92 for Leeds United.

My addled brain seems to recall he scored about ten of them one season, but it was probably just the one.

Nice little blog topic, I like it!

20 08 2010

Ruud Gullit in the ’88 EC final:

my neck aches just watching that.

20 08 2010

Disappointed to note Mark Hateley’s iconic header in the Milan derby didn’t make the shortlist. On its own merits this was towering header beating a worldcup winning defender in the air to power the ball past a youthful Zenga. When put into the context of the Milan power struggle at the time the goal only increases in its importance.

20 08 2010

who cares about gullit, hatelely, and chapman?

call yourself a wolves website?!

what about ned kelly vs leicester in the 1990’s in the fa cup? kelly- goodman -kelly -boom. goal of the months on MOTD if i remember. get the footage up!

20 08 2010

Haha, there’s been some great shouts both here and on twitter. I’m kind of regretting including Hernandez as a joke now!

Hateley certainly deserves a mention – he’s still remembered fondly by Milan fans if only for that one moment.

As for Kelly’s goal, well I don’t really call this a Wolves website but I am a fan and that goal was special! This link is the best I can find:

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