Top 5: Backflick Goals

27 08 2010

Roberto Mancini

Mancini was arguably past his best when his old buddy Sven took him to Lazio. He still had time to win, just as he had at Sampdoria, the Italian League & Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup… but there was no moment better than this impudent little flick against Parma.


Johan Cruyff

The Phantom Goal. Cruyff’s gravity defying effort against Atletico Madrid became a thing of myth almost from the moment it hit the net. This camera footage captures the moment better than most.


Gianfranco Zola

A magic moment from the little Italian. Great reactions too.  


Lee Sharpe

 Ok, technically it isn’t the strongest. A pretty standard flick that doesn’t even go in the corner. Come on though.. it’s Man Utd vs Barcelona. It’s Lee Sharpe. He does his snazzy little dance and he made Jayne Middlemiss cry on the appalling Celebrity Love Island. I know, I watched every episode.


Rafael Van Der Vaart

I don’t think there’s ever been a backheel goal quite like this one. More of a cartwheel than a backflick, it is worth a few replays to get your head round it. Ajax vs Feyenoord too. Great stuff.



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