Gollo’s Rant: Modern Football

22 10 2010


It’s been a strange old week. So we agreed to let our mate Gollo try and make some sense of it. He ranted. And we sort of liked it. 

Having been spectacularly bored at work for the entire duration of the Rooney saga, I’ve been able to follow every twist and turn on the internet. I’ve watched the fans of the various clubs. The despair. The gloating. The feigned indifference. Needless to say it got me thinking on the various emotions football fans are exposed to in the digital age and the effect this has on our lives.

In days gone by, being a football fan was very simple. In the 50s and 60s you went along to the game on a Saturday, smoked your pipe with the lads before having two pints of bitter then heading off home. In the 70s and 80s as Match of the Day really came into its own. You now had the opportunity to watch other teams on the television and maybe formulate an opinion on them with the help of ‘expert’ analysis by Jimmy Hill. But the match day experience was much the same – with the addition of being able to have a fight with the police and/or opposition fans to really spice things up a little if you so desired.

It wasn’t until Sky invented football in 1992 that the modern day football experience really began to evolve. Suddenly you could watch every team in the league. You could covet other teams players. Decide which referees genuinely did have a penchant for ‘waxing their dolphins’. Now you could admire Andy Gray’s tactical analysis and decide exactly how far back down the evolutionary ladder Richard Keys belonged.

The tabloid press got involved by churning out transfer rumour after transfer rumour, each more unlikely than the rest, but proving the old theory that if you throw enough shit at the wall, some of it is bound to stick. In 1998 Sky launched Sky Sports News and did what they had threatened to do for six years and made it possible to watch nothing but sport for 24 hours a day. Combined with the explosion of usage in the internet this meant the football fan’s relationship with his club and his favourite players was closer than ever before. You could read about their boozing and womanising antics in the front of the tabloids. Or read about their next transfer in the back of the tabloids or online. And then, to top it all, watch the aforementioned antics affect their performance on Sky on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturation point, it seemed, had been reached.

But there was a third and (hopefully) final age dawning. As technology continued to move at a breathtaking pace and the world of social networking and blogging became mainstream, interaction with our teams reached new levels. For example, over the past few days I have tried to antagonise various different sets of North West football fans on my Facebook page. my Twitter account, on F365, The Guardian Blog and Teamtalk. I’m a Wolves fan you understand, but I just quite enjoy starting arguments then heading for the hills (think Nigel Winterburn with the Di Canio / Paul Alcock incident and you’re almost there).

The dawn of independent media, internet phones and social networking has turned some modern football fans into teenage girls in their first relationship –  ‘Does he love me?’  ‘Will he leave me for the girl with bigger boobs?’  What can I do to make him stay?’  ‘The bastard, I’ll never forgive him’  ‘He loves me again’ and so on and so forth. Most Man Utd fans have gone through a very similar set of emotions over the past few days and what’s more they’ve gone through them very publicly.

Now I dye my hair blonde, exfoliate and moisturise regularly as well as wearing skinny jeans – so far be it for me to tell anyone to ‘man up’. I can also acknowledge that the digital age and independent media has made us more informed than ever before. But I can’t help but feel that when grown men feel the need to share their emotions on a website to help them cope with what is essentially an exchange of contracts then something is slightly wrong with the modern football fan.

Roll on Saturday.


You can’t follow Gollo on Twitter. He deleted his account. 




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29 10 2010
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2 12 2010

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