Keane – Juventus vs Man Utd – 1999

13 01 2011
Hayden Shaw is a blogger with a sharp wit who shoots from the hip. Hayden writes for The Fooball Pubcast and you can follow him on Twitter @ElHaydo … here he shares his memories of a famous Roy Keane performance and goal.
If you want to know the moment of the all important goal, skip to about 50 seconds in. If you want to see the greatest midfield performance that I can remember, then buy the DVD of the full match and watch Roy Keane every time he’s on the screen. Which considering he covered every blade of grass and gave what some would call a “captain’s performance” and I would call “the stuff of legend” it shouldn’t be difficult to spot him. He’s the angry looking fella who’s dragging his team back into a game by the scruffs of their necks. A game that after ten minutes seemed lost. If Sky had player-cam back then I would have genuine pity for the fool who was tasked with following Keane’s movements all over the pitch.
To give you the context of the goal, Juventus thought they had got off to a flyer, actually they just made the Incredible Hulk very, very angry. 2-0 up on the night and with an away goal from the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford, the Old Lady was sitting pretty after two Inzaghi goals in ten minutes. Then Roy Keane got booked, meaning he was guaranteed to miss the Final. Gascoigne would have cried like a little girl. Roy Keane just launched himself at a Beckham corner, precision guided his header to the far corner of the goal and ran off not to lord it up, but to get back to the business of winning the big one.
I was 14 and liked playing in defence at the time. If our team got a corner I’d prefer to go back post. Not after that game. I wanted to run box to box all game long. And forget the back post for corners. Near post flicks was what it was all about. Of course, a diving header at the back post during open play is still the pinnacle of a young boy’s career but from that moment on Keano was cemented in my mind as a total and utter legend who I’d forgive anything. Roy Keane could get my sister pregnant, deny all knowledge and leave her in emotional and financial strife and I’d be chuffed that I had a slight connection to Keano. That’s what that goal means to me and that’s why football is awesome. 



2 responses

13 01 2011

I love this goal and I love this post

13 01 2011
chris waddle

I also really enjoy this post. This was when the champions league was quality, and you would not dare miss an english club away at the big italian teams. i havent got sound at work but i remember there was some good commentary to this goal too, ‘A CAPTAIN’S GOAL FROM ROY KEANE.’

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