Picklive Game of the Week: Arsenal vs Barcelona

16 02 2011
You may have noticed the Picklive banner on the site recently. The guys at Picklive have been really supportive of football bloggers – sponsoring awards and events throughout the year. However, their main claim to fame is a great fantasy football game that’s well worth checking out. Here’s the details:
Picklive’s ‘Five Minute Fantasy Football’ game has been revolutionsing the way that football fanatics in the UK can watch live sport, and thanks to a newly established relationship with GhostGoal, it could do the same for you too. The game is a thrilling cross between fantasy football games and in-play betting, and allows punters to compete in real-time for cash prizes during televised matches.
If you are watching tonight’s action this evening then why not sign up before and during the match to get three free games. Contestants then select a team of three players who accumulate points for all of their actions on the pitch; including passes, tackles, interceptions and shots. The three teams  that earn the most points in each five minute spell are guaranteed a cash prize. 
So just as you thought that the tension around Arsenal v Barcelona could not get any more palpable, Picklive – in association with Planet Swans – introduces another realm of excitement and emotion into the already potent mix present in live football. 
Tonight’s live game is possibly the most mouthwatering yet to appear on Picklive’s roster, with Arsenal taking on Pep Guardiola’s imperious Barcelona side. Both sides favouring fast and flowing football, and place a premium on ball retention, which is bound to be a incredibly high scoring game in Picklive terms.
You would be mad not to pick either Xavi or Wilshere in your side, as these are the focal points through which both teams direct their play. In fact the Catalan is just about the greatest player ever to feature on Picklive, amassing record score after record score – and on occassions out-passing the opposition on his own. 
So if you want to add more excitement into the mix during tonight’s game, then click here to sign up. In 10 seconds you could be winning cash from other fans whilst watching the match unfold.
Arsenal v Barcelona: ITV 1 7:45 K/O



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