More Montella Magic

18 04 2011

This video is doing the rounds after the weekend but I couldn’t resist saluting L’Aeroplanino himself, Vincenzo Montella, after he gave everyone a glimpse of the skills that made him famous. The man is simply coolness personified.

I think it’s the matter of fact reaction afterwards that makes it. Even so, it’s not the best effort from a former great on the touchline. I won’t apologise for once again¬†linking to this wonder strike from Dragan Stojkovic. His near namesake Dejan Stankovic may have lit up the San Siro earlier this month with a remarkable volley but, once again, these things just look better when you’re suited and booted.




3 responses

19 04 2011
Oli Baker

You could probably include this also. Wonderful technique, those shoes look pretty pointy as well…

20 04 2011

Anyone got a link of the retired German fella (he must be in his fifties at least) who showed he could still pull off an overhead kick on some chat show? Don’t know his name.

20 04 2011
chris waddle

great three clips. hadnt seen any of them before and enjoyed every one!

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