Del Bosque right not to shoehorn in Silva

12 10 2011

by Adam Bate

This piece appears in full on TEAMtalk.

It’s easy to feel sympathy for David Silva when he speaks of feeling like a “supporting actor” with the Spanish national team. Silva has certainly been the star man in Manchester City’s ensemble cast so far this season.

But surely with the talent at Vincente del Bosque’s disposal, the Spain coach can be forgiven for not putting Silva centre-stage.

It is one of the curiosities of international football – teams are constructed that see world-class performers left out of the side while lesser lights in other positions are automatic picks.





3 responses

13 10 2011

There is no doubt whatsoever of the talent of David Silva but let’s be honest Spain has an overflow of worldclass players and any player left out will feel hard done by… Players at international level shouldn’t have the right to kick up a fuss about selection but just be proud when picked…. Silva will get his chance more often then not if he continues like he is though.

24 10 2011
Ahmed N. Ibrahim

Actually, Spain need Silva. Granted they have an abundance of world class midfielders but what they lack is a ‘Messi’, and this is where Silva comes in. He’s like Messi in every aspect albeit not as good as the former but with the amount of talent surrounding him he doesn’t need to be. Busquets-Xavi/Cesc-Iniesta/Cesc-Villa/Pedro-Torres/Villa-Silva/Mata what their front 6 should be like.

Hardly an insight but Spain are going to dominate for a long long time.

27 10 2011

Numpties. Silva has over 50 caps for Spain and a World Cup and European Championship medal. Hardly pushed out is he. What a nonsense story.

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