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The idea for Ghostgoal largely grew out of frustration at the frame of discussion for football in the mainstream media. An obsession with refereeing decisions, injuries and endless discussion about the Big Four while tactics, the existence of the game beyond these shores and frankly all sorts of other things that get us excited about football were summarily ignored.

Thankfully, as soon as we started writing, and engaging with fellow fans through our Twitter site, we found there were like-minded folk out there happier discussing Lionel Messi than Lee Mason. Hopefully this site can be our small way of fighting back.


Oli Baker is a 29 year old Wolves fan based in London. Mainly motivated by the state of sports journalism. Oli concentrates on the more anecdotal side of football, leaving tactics to the buffs / geeks.

Adam Bate is 30 years old and also a Wolves fan. Based in Birmingham, Adam is a freelance journalist and writes for Calcio Italia, FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes, BT Life’s a Pitch and In Bed With Maradona. Adam also updates the site’s Twitter account.

If you’d like to get in touch about contributing to the blog, advertising opportunities or anything else just email us at ghostgoal@live.co.uk


5 responses

11 11 2010
Andy Mac


Was wondering if you wanted to set up a link exchange between my site liquid football and yours?

Let me know!


12 11 2010

Yeah, no problem – done now. Cheers.

21 05 2011

To whom this may concern

I write with regards to getting your permission to re-publish content from your ghost goal blog.

The content well be re-published on http://www.goal786.com – A website launching next week.

Can we re-publish your articles if we give due mention?

Kind regards

21 05 2011

Hello Azfar

Thanks for getting in touch but I would appreciate you not re-publishing our articles on your own site as there is no real benefit to us in doing so.

All the best with the new venture.



3 06 2011
Neil Walsh

Hi there, I was wondering if you would mind exchanging links with my new football blog
which is called Football Team Talk (www.footballteamtalk.blogspot.com).


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