Time for a Balanced Assessment of Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

7 05 2010

Emirates Stadium, 31st March 2010. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a brace to net his first goals against English opposition.

You might argue that Zlatan had already ‘made it’..  2 Dutch titles, 5 Serie A titles (Calciopoli scandal aside),  Serie A top scorer, 2 time Serie A footballer of the year and now at Barcelona, the record signing at the finest team in the world, a UEFA Super Cup and a World Club Championship.

No. In the eyes of England it was 2 one-on-ones with Manuel Almunia that sealed the deal. Andy Townsend had asked in 2009 after Inter vs Man Utd ”What, we ask again, is all the fuss about Zlatan Ibrahimovic?” Now he seems slightly more satisfied. At least until the 2nd leg.

A quick thought though:

1987/88: Panathanaikos (h). 1990/91: Dinamo Tirana (h). 1992/93: Stuttgart (h). 1993/94: Honved (a). Galatasaray (h). 1996/97: Fenerbahce (a), Rapid Vienna (h), Porto (h).

Listed above are the 8 European goals scored by Eric Cantona in his career.. one can only speculate how the English media might react to any suggestions from Spain and Italy as to ”What is all the fuss about Eric Cantona?”.